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We specialize in mail order Cannabis products from Vancouver Island's most talented cultivators

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Pre Rolled Cones

Prerolls from are by far the best pre rolls Canada has to offer! Rolled using only AAA-AAAA Organic Craft Cannabis, with a clean burn everytime.

Finally.. A Pre-Roll that doesn't suck.


Thc/Cbd Edibles

Green Haired Freak's medicated candy - An Edible experience you won't forget. All of our Edibles are made using lab tested, quality ingredients. Make sure you aren't far from the couch!

Highly recommended.

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Craft Cannabis

Vancouver Island has it’s strategical advantages - some of the most creative breeding programs on the planet. We’ve got our hands on the most exotic Cannabis genetics British Columbia has to offer.

Check out our Flower!



Island Medicinal Supply Company takes pride in presenting a line of affordable concentrated Cannabis products.

Commonly referred to as Concentrates, or Extracts - This is a very powerful way to consume highly concentrated Cannabis products in an efficient, and timely manner.

Cannabis - Concentrated!

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Bath & Body

Orca Natural Remedies presents Organic Bath-Bombs, Moisturizing Hand Soap, and other infused Organic Coconut Oil products.

Clean with Cannabis!

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Tinctures provide the most speedy delivery system of Thc, without having to smoke. An eye dropper of tincture is applied under the tongue, and absorbed through the sublingual artery, your body’s main blood supply to the tongue.

True tinctures extracted using high quality grain alcohol!