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Pre Rolled Cones

Canada's Leading Pre-Roll

Our Joints are rolled by hand, in small 56 Gram batches to ensure a consistent product.

All of the Cannabis used in our Pre-Rolls is de-stemmed using our patented method, to ensure that maximum airflow is possible while maintaining joint density. During our milling process, all of the stem is removed. We don't add any trim, bottoms, or blend any strains during this process.

Your personal stash - It doesn't matter if you just don't know how to roll, or if you're unable to roll because of the physical limitations of your health condition(s).

We can stock your dispensary with a consistent strain variety - ensuring your patients have regular access to our products. Cones can also be costly after freight, currency conversion, and importing fees.

Don't forget to inquire about our rolling service -  Maybe you're short handed at your shop? Or just can't keep up with the pre-roll workload. We're the affordable option when you're hard up for some good ol' quality labour. We can roll your product using our superior rolling techniques, and smooth burning natural rice cones.

Bringing Canada closer to Cannabis, Patients closer to Medication, and Cannabis Enthusiasts closer to euphoria. We take pride in changing people's mind about Pre-rolls, and we're off to a great start!

Any questions in relation to the Pre Rolled Cones Brand can be directed to and we'll be sure to get back to you immediately

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